This is a page that gives you information about Gothenburg Sweden

After meeting tourists in Gothenburg 10 years ago I decided to publish a page for you who are asking where to find museums, hotels, affordable food and parks. In the different menues above you should be able to find what you are searching for. If not then please use the search box just below the menues or send me a mail and I'll give you an answer as soon as possible.


This week starts Gothia cup in Gothenburg.

These days you'll see youngsters from all over the world playing football in Gothenburg. You watch much of it free but if you want to see the finals you'll hav to pay 120 SEK(about 10£ or 12$). I took some pictures earlier. Check them out here>>>.

Happy new year from a foggy Gothenburg Sweden

avoid E6 during 11 to 12 am
It looks like you'll have to choose another road then E6 from 17 August to new year between 11am and 12 am. Trafikverket(the traffic authority) blasts tunnels for the new västlänken(west link) railway. One way could be choose Alvsborgsbron instead. See google maps>>>>. Read more about the work on>>>

fish church
The third Friday in August we are allowed fishing Crawfish in Swedens lakes. This leads to a lot of crawfish parties everywhere. Most Suedes prefer to visit markets like fish church to get their seafood instead. You are actually able to buy imported, frosen crawfish all year long but this tradition with third friday in august is very strong in Sweden. The time for having a crawfish party. It starts from third friday in August and stops three weekends after this. This year the third friday in August is the 21:th. Other traditions among this parties is that you'll need a snaps to the seafood.The recipe for making the crawfish in order is to cook them with dill, a spoonfull of salt, maybe some lemonjuice and a sugarcube. Let them cook in about ten minutes. You'll see when they are ready on their colour. They are turning red when ready for eating.

gunpowder fortress in Frederikshavn
Danish police now say that you are allowed entering Denmark after been able to show a negative covid-19 test. The test may not be older then 72 hours before you cross the border. In Sweden we are able to get a covid-19 test for free in most health centers. Read more about it on>>>. We recommend a trip by bike in Denmark. No hills. Check it out on

ferry from sweden to denmark
The boarders are still closed from Sweden to Denmark. The strange thing is that the boarder are open the other way. Thousand of danes are crossing the boarder to Sweden every day. Swedes are also allowed to cross the boarder if they are working or got a relative in Denmark. The danish prime minister said last week that they will open the boarder for people from Norway and Germany the 15:th of June. But not for swedes. Read more about the restrictions on and Norway got another law or rule to accept. They are allowed to cross the boarder to Sweden but have to stay two weeks in quarantine after arriving back to Norway. There are a couple of norwegians that try crossing the boarder to get affordable tobacco, meat and chocolate. If the norwegian police reveals it they risk getting a 20000skr fee(about 200£). Read more on

askim beach
Summer is here.
Quarantine and closed work make people move to the beaches. Popular places in our archipelago is Askims beach(good for children), Hovas(older clientel), Killingsholmen(wonderful cliff), Braennoe(only barnmuseum in the world) and 50 other places. I put a map on places you should visit on this map>>>. Our meteorologists is warning for high ultraviolet radiation so keep your hat on.

happy new year from Sweden
Happy new year from Gothenburg Sweden
Thousands where watching our annuarly new year fireworks in Gothenburg on new years eve. I got some pictures. Check them out on>>>.

skansen lejonet
Fort Lion
. Just a couple of hundred meters from the central station in Gothenburg you've got a historical building with 7 meters thick walls. You are able to get a free guiding here some saturdays during the autumn. Check it out here>>>>.

lot of people
We had another exciting half marathon on last saturday. Suddenly the little town of Gothenburg where crowded with people from all over the world. Last years winner, Shadrack kimining, won again after a good last kilometer. I got some pictures>>>

looking for trouble?
We had lot of storm troopers and comic heroes in Gothenburg this weekend
. Artists from DC comics, swedish artists, many comics, gaming and a lot of other stuff to see. I got some pictures>>>.

botfair Gothenburg 2019
Visit the boatfair
. You've got houndreds of different boats, fishing equipment, sailing clotehs, food and lot more in swedish boat fair this week. See more about it here>>>.

culture fesival all over sweden
Right now we've got a culture festival all over sweden
. This is the festival in Gothenburg.

volvo ocean inport race 2018
We had good winds but a lot of rain on the sundays inport race for volvo ocean race
. I got some pictures.