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/ 3 pages
some suggestions for your trip to Gothenburg Sweden
older news
some suggestions for your trip to Gothenburg Sweden
archipelago/ 17 pages
the island run through our southern archipelago where a funny race to watch
a small map that gives you some orientation
Asperoe(Aspen island) is close to the ferry from saltholmen
The beach in Askim is popular among us living in Gothenburg
close to oennered you got Fiskebaeck
Honoe is a part of the Northern archipelago in Gothenburg
Oennered near fiskebaeck is a nice place to visit for exepriencing the coastline in Gothenburg
from Saltholmen you are able to reach all the small islands in the southern archipelago
styrsö got nearly everything, nice beaches, cliffs, good fishing and some nice restaurants, pubs and kioskes
Vrångö offers a nice walk along the island and also some leftovers from the bronceage
Braennoe is a bigger island just 20 minutes from Saltholmen
Kopstadso is a nice visit in summer
a map over the wonderful islands in the southern archipelago of Gothenburg
Billdals bath gives you a cosy nice little sandbeach
Bjorko you'll find close to ockeroe. This island got a wonderful untouched nature
The beach in Hovas is usualyy unknown for foreigners
Killingsholmen offers warm cliffs to give you warmth
christmas/ 2 pages
swedish christmas food and traditions
some of the christmas fairs in Gothenburg
2015/ 1 pages
christmas in Gothenburg sweden, touristinformation for your travel in scandinavia
frolunda/ 1 pages
Frolunda square opened the christmas fair this weekend
haga/ 1 pages
christmas markets in Haga started already the 21:th of November this year.
molndal/ 1 pages
Molndal got its own christmas fair in the old mill village Kvarn byn
gothenburg/ 2 pages
increased hot spots with free wifi in Gothenburg
Shopping in Gothenburg
bicycle/ 2 pages
The friday offered a perfect weather for the cyclists and audience in Gothenburg prioritet Grand prix
The ladies started by 7 o clock this evening
boatfair/ 1 pages
Gothenburg boatfair 2016 shows lot of Rigid Inflatable Boats
2017/ 1 pages
Boatfarit in Gothenburg 2017 shows a lot this year
2017/ 1 pages
Time for the annual book sale tradition in Gothenburg
bothanical-garden/ 3 pages
time for cherry blossom in bothanicla garden
we are getting a lot of flowers in the bothanical garden at the moment, spring is here
Spring is here, check out the Botanical garden wild spring
cortege/ 1 pages
chalmers cortege where seen by many people in Gothenburg on walpuris night
majorna/ 1 pages
scandinavias biggest flee market are hold last weekend in may every year
fei2017/ 1 pages
a great party for all horse lovers this week in Gothenburg
feiem/ 1 pages
some pictures from Longines FEI European Championships in Gothenburg 2017
food/ 6 pages
Saluhallen offers a lot of fresh food
This time of the year every swede is out eating semla on cafees
Gothenburg is a village near the sea and then it got lot of fresh sea food
you'll find lot of small cafées in Gothenburg
most of the pubs and nightclubs in Gothenburg are imported but you are still able to visit some from the old school
you'll get a lot of food from the sea in gothenburg like lobsters, fish and scullops
gothia-cup/ 1 pages
Gothia cup is a big event every year in Gothenburg
2017/ 6 pages
Try your skills in football on skills arena
Gothia cup is a big event every year in Gothenburg
There was some struggle to welcome all these football teams on Landvetter during the weekend
we had some good exciting finals on old ullevi during the last saturday on Gothia cup
there was a very good game playing on skf arena, heden thursday afternoon
a lot of good games to watch during the week
harbour/ 2 pages
we got visit of a big cruiser on friday
in Gothenburg you've got a big harbour to discover
midsummer/ 1 pages
Midsummer is a big event in Sweden
tough-viking/ 1 pages
Lot of obstacles on this tough viking in Gothenburg 23:rd of april this year
2017/ 2 pages
I saw a track with more hills this year on tough viking in Gothenburg
some pictures and film from the race 2017
varvet/ 1 pages
Lot of runners, lot of sweat and sun
2015/ 4 pages
difficult weather the last day of the race.
volvo ocean race Gothenburg 2015
the first day of the event in Gothenburg offered sunny weather
hundreds of things to spend your time with on the pier
hotel/ 5 pages
appartments, flats, rooms and houses for rent. I give you some options for getting roof over your head longer
rg and enjoy the beautiful view from the harbour
at the moment you are able to get real good deals on hotels in Gothenburg
hotel avalon offers great views from the terrace on the top and lot of rush the middle of Gothenburg
hotel Radisson is a luxury hotel just in the middle of Gothenburg
camping/ 4 pages
if you want to get rid of the sleeping bag and tent then choose an hostel
an affordable way to sleep in Gothenburg is by using a caravan or tent on a camping
cheap Bed & Breakfast Gothenburg Sweden
rent an affordable cabin in Gothenburg
museum/ 8 pages
universeum is a perfect visit during a rainy day in Gothenburg
a couple of museums in Gothenburg where you could spend a rainy day when you are here
you've got a fantastic exhibition on gothenburg art museum at the moment
in the city museum you'll experience a lot about the old wikings in this part of the world
the maritime museum tells a lot about our history in Gothenburg
a fortress from the 17:th century
roehsska gives you a lesson about the history of design in Sweden
in this museum you are also able to enjoy our historic painters from middle ages to our century
news/ 1 pages
a new exhibition about some of the findings in gamlstan is now displayed on our city museum
travel/ 3 pages
with bus you'll get to the goal in a couple of hours and in town in notime
tram is a fun and affordable way of seeing the city of Gothenburg, with 20skr or 2 euro you are able to get anywhere
Landvetter airport is the place you'll arrive on when travelling to Gothenburg Sweden
haparanda/ 8 pages
north of sweden offers a beautiful nature, clear air and astonishing sun
Lapptrask ICA self-service shop
in Karungi you turn to the right and follow tha road back to Haparanda again
kukkola torrent
kukkola restaurant
Langforsens cafe or Inn
turn to the right by Sangis
the old prehistoric city in Saivaara